AZ-302 Azure Solutions Architect Transition Exam

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Hello Dears,


Has anyone appeared for this AZ-302 exam? If yes, any tips?



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I took and passed the transition exam a few weeks ago now. It was not drastically different from the previous exam as far as content. It incorporated the new features and technology in the questioning but followed the same format of how they were answered. What was new on this exam is that a lab environment is provisioned for you and you are asked a series of independent tasks to perform. They do not build on each other so you are not penalized if you cannot complete a task. I took this exam on a laptop with a smaller screen and it proved difficult to navigate the lab environment. I would certainly suggest a larger screen if you have that option. 


Feel free to reach out with any additional questions.



Thank Bryan. Actually I am visiting this site quite late.


I was unfortunate as I attempted this exam on 29th June just one day before expiry. It was going well but the Lab didn't work properly after 9th question of first LAB.

After struggling for 15 min, Pearson center suggested me to terminate it and they opened a case on my behalf.

Now after working on this issue with Microsoft, they have provided me exam vouchers to appear for new exams.


Hopefully they get you squared away! Good luck on the retake. Let me know if you want to chat before you take it again. @anilsh9