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i want to write AZ-104 certification exam, is there way i can get a free voucher?

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The most common way of obtaining free or discounted exam vouchers is by attending Microsoft events. You may visit the Microsoft Events Catalog page to check upcoming events.

Also keep an eye out for Cloud Skill Challenges on Microsoft Learn, completing learning paths usually give you a free exam voucher, which usually covers AZ-104. I am not sure when the next one is, however (they usually run around MS events such as Microsoft Ignite).

Thanks Luke Murray 

I want to take too but events only for az-900 take only one time, if u fail u f.... , i need for az-104 , or az-500 , how to find it , i have check the Microsoft Ignite and nothing for 2022,
It is too early for the MS Ignite challenges, your best bet is to keep an eye on the events page (and they are only one time exams, if you fail you then have to find another voucher or pay for the exam).

You may find the organisation you work for may pay for your exam, or refund the money if you are successful:
It’s not a free exam, but there’s currently a Cloud Skills challenge running which offers a 50% off voucher:

thanks ALOT have a good year@Chris Bradshaw