AZ-103 Exam - Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

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Hi everyone,


Just wanted to share my experience on Microsoft Role-Based exam AZ-103. it has a lot of topics:

I am not going to cover them here as this is not a study guide:

Manage Azure subscriptions and resources (15-20%)

Implement and manage storage (15-20%)

Deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs) (15-20%)

Configure and manage virtual networks (30-35%)

Manage identities (15-20%)


Here are the resources that I used to prepare myself:


Cloud Academy ( Great place to start with, the course has videos, hands-on labs and assessments, for this exam I would recommend three of them:

- Cloud Academy - Getting Started with Azure

- Cloud Academy - 3 Pillars of the Azure Cloud

- Cloud Academy - AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator


Microsoft Learn: Microsoft is doing a great job within the self-learn, this is more reading and a bit of hands-on.

I used the guide "" to complete all the required knowledge for the exam.


Plus the Microsoft documentation, well organized and easy to use, this is probably the best thing when you are working on Azure.


Took advantage of Microsoft offer and got the Exam Replay (Not that needed, but it gives you more confidence), within the Practice Test.



Finally, GITHUB was a great place to get your hands dirty with ARM templates, JSON, files and some LABS with focus on the exam:






The exam itself was great, I really enjoyed doing it, my exam was divided into three main parts:

- x2 Case of Study

- ~50 Multiple Questions (Multi choose, drag and drop, true and false)

- x2 Hands-on labs


I have done a few Microsoft exams in the past, however, this was the first that I did one with Hands-on Labs, this was the part that I felt very confident, I could really show to Microsft that I have the knowledge required to get the cert. In my option, this exam was really well designed, and can really get the best of each professional who is taking it.

The case of study was OK, nothing new, followed by the questions which had no surprise a couple of trick questions and the most correct ones...


Overall, I found the AZ-103 exam really fair and enjoyable to do, hope that Microsoft focuses more on Hands-on labs in their exams.


If you are preparing for the exam and have any question let me know and I will be happy to help. Good luck.




Rafael Sodre

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@sodrexterHi, will you be asked to create ARM templates or do one of those "fill in the gaps" exercise?

Also how much powershell/bash are you expected to know?