Auzre users print local print server

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I have multiple users with azure joined devices and Azure account.
I need to have an on premise print server to support specific printing processes.

Deployed server 2019 and configured the printing role

When users try to connect to the network printer they get an authentication pop-up.
How can i prevent this from happening?

As far as i know i cannot join a on premise server 2019 to Azure AD. In Azure i'm running the free license.



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Sounds like you might have to open up the permissions on the server a bit to allow workgroup users (ie everyone - although I haven't done it before, it doesn't sound ideal).

IF you can't use Universal Print (which would be the ideal scenario -

In your scenario, I would set up Azure Active Directory Domain Services ( so you can use your already existing Azure AD Accounts, then join the print server to the domain and add the printers to the users and test that.