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I am looking to understand whether or not there is a way to prevent Azure servers from automatically reboot? 

I recently created a new server to run a migration from, but the server did a reboot in the middle of the night halting the migration. 

This is a rather lengthy migration and we need to make sure a reboot like this does not happen again, since the migration will not automatically resume. 


I do suspect the first reboot happened due to windows update rolled out some updates on the new server and then did a following reboot, but I was wondering if Microsoft have some kind of system in place, that periodically reboot servers whether you like it or not.

I hope someone can clarify this for us. 

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Short answer is no. This is due to a number of reasons:
- Planned maintenance of the host infrastructure.
- Windows updates
- Physical fault in the Fault Domain (ie. physical rack VM is running on)
- Unplanned maintenance
- Host storage-related issues

Have a look at the article below which outlines what is required to achieve virtual zero downtime