Automatic Failover using ASR?

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Is it possible to have automated failover of VM`s to another paired region?

Business Requirement: IF a VM goes down in late evening hours (no operation resource available).

Is it possible to perform Automated failover?


Cannot find any monitoring + Script combination that can allow.

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there are powershell modules available who can start a failover.

From the monitor perspective, it’s possible to monitor the VM with Azure Monitor (Log Analytics) and execute a webhook (Azure Automation Script or Azure Function) which includes the failover task.

If you need more info’s let me know.


@Hannes_LG Yes Please, as this is what exactly I`m after.


However, hope its fair to assume that the automated failover will still attract some downtime and ASR has no option of Zero Downtime?


if you failover with ASR you have a short downtime because the VM at the peered location has to startup and the monitoring solution isn’t real-time (take some seconds)

But in your situation it’s sounds, you need a High availability solution over two regions, it’s also possible.

What kind of application does we talk about (Web Application, Database,....)




Web Application

Backend Application

SQL 2014 DB (Always on)

did you think about to migrate that application from IaaS to PaaS?
With PaaS it’s „simple“ to design an application over two regions
- WebApp
-DBaaS with geo replication
-Azure Traffic manager or front door for global loadbalancing

If you cannot migrate to PaaS it’s also possible with IaaS:
-Global VNet peering over your sites
-SQL always on on each site
-IIS on each site
-Azure Traffic manager with priority configuration

With that solution you have an active active solution.

Hope that helps.