Auditing execution of test cases

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Hello! I am a quality assurance assoc. with my company, using DevOps to run tests of our product. My department is looking for a way of being able to audit how many tests we run in a month to get metrics, but we are struggling to find a report we could use to get this info. We're trying to find:

  • Number of tests run (in total, but also possibly individually)
  • The outcomes of those tests
  • The number of bugs reported as a result of running these tests (so # of bugs reported through the report bug option in a test)

Going to the test suites and choosing Chart seems to be our best option for at least some of those numbers (getting the total number of tests run and their outcomes-although it looks like we can't choose a date range), but is there anyone out there running these reports and how are you creating them?


Thank you in advance!


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