ASR Replication Issue - Error ID 153006

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I have a simple deployment of Azure VMs in a single VNET, single subnet.  I have multiple VMs and all are protected using ASR.  But for one VM, I am receiving the error 153006 "No app-consistent recovery point available for the VM in the last 240 minutes."  This particular VM is an Exchange Server 2016 server running to support hybrid management only.  I've recreated the VM and receive the same error.


Initial setup of ASR protects the VM successfully, but after initial replication is completed, this error occurs.  The guidance points to possible firewalls or proxies blocking required outbound connectivity, but there are no proxies or NSGs using outbound rules outside of the defaults.  The other VMs, which have the exact same NSGs in the same subnet do not have this issue.


Are there known issues with ASR and Exchange Server Azure VMs?  According to Exchange Server documentation, it is supported to host as an Azure VM.  According to ASR documentation, Exchange Server is a supported workload to protect.  Any help would be appreciated.

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I upgraded Exchange Server 2016 from CU11 to CU12, disabled ASR replication and re-enabled it.  This seems to have fixed the issue for now.