C# application deployed as Web app does not connect with Azure Mysql database

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@azuresupport #azTechHelp I have an ASP.Net multi-tier Application with WCF services and MySql Database. I am trying to deploy the application on azure. I have created Azure Mysql Database and have deployed my application as Web App in Azure.

The problem is when I try to connect the database from my local machine then I am able to successfully connect it to the database but, when  I try to connect it with the Deployed App service then I am facing the Connection string error.

It would be great if anyone would share few ideas on this. Thanks in advance.

P.S. : I am using DB first approach. I have Entity Framework and ADO.Net Datamodel to connect with my mysql database. 

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Could you provide the MySql.Data package version?

I have same problem. Do you find any solution ?

Apologies, for replying so late. Hoping you have found the resolution. But this is for those who are still looking or may encounter in future. Hope it helps.
It was the MySql.Data and MySql.DataEntity library and the entity framework issue. I had to add that library in all my class libraries. After that, I was able to connect my application with Azure Mysql Database.