application gateway certificate addition fail

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Uploading a pfx certificate to listener fails with no obvious error message and just gives a message 'error occurred' And the it won't et delete the failed listener as its port has been added to frontend. Can't modify anything except deleting the gateway entirely. Modification gives the error 'Failed to save configuration changes to application gateway 'appgtw'. Error: Data must be specified for Certificate'

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Does the certificate match the public DNS hostname?
Can you reupload another certificate?

@Luke Murray Well it worked finally, but this is what happened. I have a wildcard certificate which is in .p12 format. I imported to windows and exported it as pfx every time with AES encryption. When it worked i had to change the encryption to 3des. Don't know why gateway would not accept AES. And in the process I had deleted and recreated gateway multiple times, but it would always error out while creating HTTPS listener. and then i am unable to make any changes and it would keep giving error. using 3des encrypted cert had no issue.

Weird, but yes - glad you got it sorted, for root cause - maybe worth a MS support case so they can go through the backend logs.