App Registration iOS Native mail app and acquired OAuth URL and Token URL

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My Organization has turned on Modern Authentication for our office 365 environment. We were using the basic and now that profile does not work. I did find the option to use OAuth but need the URL and token URL. We would like to use AirWatch to manage the profile as it is our MDM.

Would our Azure AD Admin need to do a app registration if so i have not found a clear KB article on VMWare or Microsoft end to perform that action. Has anyone here been successful in setting this up for their organization and and provide some solution I can follow. Much appreciated.

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Hey Mr. Hill, Did you manage the get a kb at all?

#Update 1: I came across this link - Where to find Exchange ActiveSync OAuth Sign In UR... - Jamf Nation Community - 260553

@ric-h  No I was not able to. Thank you for helping me get this information. This will help me so much.

@MrHill12Many  no problemo, alsocheck your Azure AD Enterprise app list for iOS Accounts (or similiar) and ensure it has the right user access and microsoft graph access