API Management with RBAC refererence


Greetings all.

I am staerting this conversation,  as I have a requirement for a client to implement API management with RBAC.

The client will have a group of developers working on different sets of API (Products). A group of developers (maybe in RBAC) working on a Product should not be able to access API sets (products) maintained by another set of developers.


I could not find an example for this anywhere on Channel 9 or MVA. Anybody has any info on ths topic? Any guidance or help will be appreciated.



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Are refering to the resouce Api management?

I imagine you would use Access control to control who has access to this resource, like anyother.

I have not used the Api managemtn resource my self, but i know access control exists on it.

you could also control access on the resource group level and grant permission to each Api life cycle (Test, Demo, production or what ever naming you like).