API filtering based on time that modify with each stage in pipeline for getting the list of builds

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Hello Team,

Currently I am getting the list of builds with the following API,
GET https://dev.azure.com/{organization}/{project}/_apis/build/builds?api-version=7.0

Here there are four timing of builds in response

  1. queue time: when the user run the pipeline
  2. Start time: when the first stage is executed
  3. finish time: when the all stage is finished
  4. last change time: updated after each stages

    Here, the tracking of the last update time of the build entity is only determine by last change time. The rest of the timings are not going to change with each stage execution.

    The above API provides the max time and min time query parameter for filtering the updated builds but this filter is only applicable on the start time, queue time and finish time. The filter is not applicable for last change time.

    Is it possible to get the list of builds that is updated with each stage.

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