Announcing the preview of Azure’s Largest Disk sizes

Community Manager

At Build Conference, we announced the addition of new Azure Disks sizes – which provide up to 4TB of disk space. These new sizes allow you to perform up to 250 MBps of storage throughput and 7,500 IOPS. 


We introduced two new disk sizes, P40 (2TB) and P50 (4TB) for Managed/unmanaged Premium Disks; S40 (2TB) and S50 (4TB) for Standard Managed Disks. For Standard unmanaged disks, you can create disks with maximum size of 4095 GB. These new sizes are available to use now in our West US Central Region using Azure Powershell and CLIs through ARM. You’ll see us continue to expand availability and roll out the Azure Portal support around the world in more regions in the coming month. Along with that, we will release new versions of the Azure tools to support upload of VHDs more than 1TB.




Read about it on the Azure blog.

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