Announcing Microsoft Azure Government services in the Cloud Solution Provider program

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We are excited to announce that Azure Government services are now available through the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP). The CSP program enables partners to make Microsoft Cloud services part of their customer offerings, expanding U.S. government customer options in meeting their mission goals. With the CSP program, partners can now create high-value service offerings that combine use of Azure Government with solution management, customer support, and billing to U.S. government customers. The security, privacy, compliance and transparency of the Azure Government platform give U.S. government partners the right foundation for meeting regulatory requirements while delivering innovation to the U.S. public sector.


The CSP program is a great fit for the U.S. public sector where partners already build, deploy and manage solutions on behalf of federal, state and local government entities. Over the last 60 days, we piloted Azure Government in CSP with a variety of partners and their customers running production workloads. The feedback reinforces the expected demand from U.S. Government customers for secure, compliant cloud-based solutions through a broad ecosystem of partners. Reduced cost, cloud speed, and increased efficiency are all potential benefits of the managed services that U.S. government partners can enable through CSP. 




Read about it on the Azure blog.

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