Announcing IoT extension for Azure CLI 2.0

Community Manager

We recently released a new open source IoT extension that adds to the capabilities of Azure CLI 2.0. Azure CLI 2.0 includes commands for interacting with Azure Resource Manager and management endpoints. For example, you can use Azure CLI 2.0 to create an Azure VM or an IoT Hub. A CLI extension enables an Azure service to augment the Azure CLI, giving you access to additional service-specific capabilities. The IoT extension gives developers command line access to IoT Hub, IoT Edge, and IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service capabilities.


Azure CLI 2.0 enables you to manage Azure IoT Hub resources, device provisioning service instances, and linked-hubs out of the box. The new IoT extension enriches Azure CLI 2.0 with features such as device management and full IoT Edge capability.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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