Announcing Azure Files share snapshots public preview

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Azure Files offers fully managed cloud file shares, and extends the ability of organizations to share files across on-premises and the cloud. With support for industry standard SMB protocol, this service is truly cross-platform and can support mounting as file share from any client that implements SMB 3.0 with encryption. Some examples are Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition to native mount, it exposes REST APIs for programmability. With Azure Files, organizations get the added benefit of a storage infrastructure that is highly secure, massively scalable, and globally available. Even with all of these capabilities, what would you do if a user or application accidentally deletes or corrupts files or folders that are stored in Azure Files share?


Today, we are very excited to introduce the public preview of Azure Files share snapshots. Azure Files share snapshots allows you to periodically store read-only versions of your file shares. It also allows you to copy an older version of your content from anywhere for further modification and use.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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