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I have implemented AIP with 3 types of classification labels: public, internal and sensitive info. The problem is when I create a document in SharePoint online I can only see Public and Internal labels on the list of Sensitivity Tab, and not sensitive label at all. any idea? 

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Hi, I would suggest checking 2 things here;


1). Have all the labels been published to the label policy?

2). Is the Sensitive Info label visible in Outlook, but not Word/Excel?   If so, then it is setup as a User defined permissions label as shown below, and this would be expected behaviour.


Screenshot 2020-05-10 at 15.50.16.png

@PeterRising Thanks. you right, the problem was I had selected 'Set user-defined permissions'.

But what's the recommendation if I want to have only one 'Sensitive' Label for the entire organization and different users get authorize on different documents?



You can have as many or as little labels as you wish, but who is able to apply the labels will completely depend on the label policies that you set, and who is assigned to those policies. 


If you are unsure of which labels to go for, then the default Microsoft templates are always a good place to start, which are Personal, Public, and Private & Confidential.  The key to a successful deployment of AIP and sensitivity labels is keep it simple.


sorry if I ask more and maybe stupid questions. :) The Sensitive Info label was visible in Outlook, and also Word/Excel. It means two options on Set user-defined permissions was enabled, but when I set to 'Set Permissions' it works. now the problem is when I'm editing document which has 'Sensitive' label, the document loose its sensitive label on 'Sensitivity' Tab. What's the reason?





I'm not quite sure I understand?  Are you saying that you now cannot see the required label in Word/Excel?


After I edited the word document that has 'Sensitive' Label in SharePoint online, the label name disappeared on the 'sensitivity' tab.1.PNG2.PNG



Ah, OK.  Is the label still visible / applied within word?


Yes, the label still has check mark within word. Also if I unchecked and check again it will again visible on the sensitivity tab as well.

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Ah OK.  When you make changes to labels and policies, it sometimes takes a little while for the changes to take effect.  Maybe you just needed to wait a while.  :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: