After x hours users no longer can login to Azure VM

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Hello, we have a small and simple two Sever Network built.  1 DC and 1 Terminal Sever.  The DC is the DNS.  When the issue comes up, after about 4 to 6 hours, I can login to the terminal sever as the local admin.  I can no longer resolve any DNS queries, I can ping the DC just fine and I can Ping the internet.  There are NetLogon errors on the DC saying it can't find the DC.  After a reboot of both the DC and the Terminal sever everything workst just fine.


I have tried narrowing down what is stopping by restarting Firewall, DNS and other services on both VM's and the only thing that fixes the issue is restarting both VM's. So this points toards the Azuer inferstruction side of things, I belive?


Thoughts or suggestions?  

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Make sure you have Vm Agent extension installed on your DC1 to sync under laying services.

thanks, it is. 

Hi Andrew,

Did you assign a fixed IP address/fixed DNS on the DC and terminal server?

If so, that could be the issue, so you should try to change it back to dynamic and see how you go.

If you are using dynamic, are you setting the DNS configuration in the VM itself or through the VNet configuration?