ADF - Problems in DEPENDSON when I run my pipeline with trigger

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Hello Community,


I have a problem regarding DEPENDSON in the data factory, I tell you what happens.

First I have my pipeline already built, but in the activities I used the "add output completed", as I show in the following image.imagen_2021-09-13_165100.png

So I run my pipeline through the Now trigger and it happens that when I check my run on the monitor, the pipeline appears only with depends on "Success". I show the image that is seen on the monitor.


When I saw this situation I tried to perform a different way, using the dependsOn "Success" and "Failure".



I go back to the monitor to verify if it respects the depends ON and I realize that it does not.


Problem 4.PNG

Could you help me solve this problem? It is something truly urgent because this pipeline is in production.

Greetings and thanks.

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