Adding a user to administrate my website within my Web app

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I am new to Azure and creating a web app.

What needs to be done to create and allow a person who needs to edit and publish to my website that is within my web app

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Hi, Horw Do you want to deploy tue Content to tue wepapp? Do you want to use deployment Slots? Or just webdeploy into tue Site? Beste Niels
I am would like to post directly to the site.
Hi, than you only need to set the deployment credentials in the webapp settings if FTP is the preferred way or go to the setting under deployment Options and configure an other source. Best Niels

I would avoid setting the deployment credentials manually as you could set a weak password. if you download the publish profile it contains values set by MS, the password is randomly generated and all you have to do is click reset once he is done.

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Is there a way you would recommend to publish to the website. I am going to have a person will only change the contents of the pages. I have used webmatrix but from what I understand microsoft will be dropping it from support in November.

Why not use VS Community Edition? There you have a full Azure Integration using the WebPI and install the Azure SDK
How often will you update the site?