Add feature to Azure Domain Service prepay some years for the domain

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Add feature to Azure Domain Service prepay some years for the domain
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Hi @ShlomiRRR ,


There isn't a service in Azure called 'Azure Domain Service'. There is only Azure AD Domain Services.

Did you mean something else? Perhaps Azure App Service domain?


If that is the case and you were wondering about the renewal, you can enable auto-renewal when requesting the domain:


Your App Service domain is registered to you at one-year increments. Auto renewal makes sure that your domain registration doesn't expire and that you retain ownership of the domain. Your Azure subscription is automatically charged the yearly domain registration fee at the time of renewal. To opt out, select Disable. If auto-renewal is disabled, you can renew it manually.


More info:


I want to buy for some years prepaid for domain.
That's not currently possible. Why do you think this is important? Are you looking at some potential cost savings if you buy a domain for couple of years in advance? Or is there some other reason?

With the auto-renewal option, you don't need to worry about losing the domain, so this shouldn't be the reason.

@David Pazdera 

It's a matter of the company's budget,
Want to buy in advance, it's not just domains, we also buy software licenses from all kinds of companies in an annual or three-year model, if you know this.



Well, in this case I would recommend you to buy a domain and SSL/TLS certificates directly with domain registrars and public Certificate Authorities, they typically offer good deals, if you pay for several years. Then you can add your custom domain (prove the ownership) and add a certificate in a separate workflow described at

You don't have to use that "buy a domain" feature from Azure App Service.

@David Pazdera 

I would like Microsoft will add this feather or option to do that.

I want all the interface under one window.