add a new vnet to the Fortigate on azure




With Fortigate now i have one virtual network (subnet inside / outside)


I want to add a new virtual network and integrate it with the fortigate, how i do that configuration ?

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- Create a route table  and associate  to all subnets of you virtual network (If you want to redirect the trafic for all subnets otherwise you can exclude one or more of them) 

- Create a user defined route  with  the following config 

     - Name : Friendly Name (ex : To_Firewall)

     - Address prefix :

     - Next Hop type :  Virtual Appliance 

     - Next Hop Ip address : Private IP of your Virtual appliance (here the fortinet) 

In the fortinet virtual appliance config 

- create the objects for the virtual network or subnets  

- create rules for the traffic  that fit your needs  


@ibrahimambodji  thank you for y'r reply 


I create the RT. 


In the firewall, i have by default my two ports : 

port 1 : for external and port 2 : for internal   ===> for the first Vnet. (not the new one)




To configure the new subnet on my firewall, i must use wich interface ? 

*** I create the address (object) of my new subnet on the firewall. 







You create  rule for  Inside  and a rule for outside like the ones in screenshots 

disclaimer : this is only for testing the traffic in prod you should  have very restrictive policies 

@ibrahimambodji  Yes bro. 


I forget to create the static route for this new Vnet with /16