ADAL.NET 3.17.0 released

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ADAL.NET (Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory) is an authentication library which enables developers to acquire tokens from Azure AD and ADFS to access Microsoft APIs or applications registered with Azure Active Directory. ADAL.NET is available on several .NET platforms including Desktop, Universal Windows Platform, Xamarin / Android, Xamarin iOS, Portable Class Libraries, and .NET Core. We just released ADAL.NET 3.17.0 which enables new capabilities and brings improvements in terms of usability, privacy, and performance.


ADAL.Net 3.17.0 enables you to:

  • Write more efficient applications, tolerant to Azure AD throttling.
  • Force end users of your apps to choose an identity even when s/he is logged-in.
  • Process more effective conditional access.


Read about it in the Azure blog.

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