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Can anyone enlighten me about AD, ADFS & AAD - and how you have "moved" your users into O365? 


Have you synced all accounts from AD to AAD - or have you "prepared" the users first in AD e.g. by setting a extension attribute and then on ADFS configured a filter so only these users gets into the AAD - or?   

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It really depends on what you are trying to achieve, if you'd like some consensus on how it's done generally, this is a great article if you haven't seen it already - How organizations are connecting their on-premises identities to Azure AD.


Azure AD Pass-Through Authentication is a phenomenal sign-in option along with Seamless Single Sign-On, offering many of what were traditionally only available with AD FS and without the infrastructure downsides. 


WIth the Azure AD Connect filtering options, there is a lot of scope to onboard in whatever way works for a given situation. These include Group-based filtering and Domain and OU filtering.