Access OS Disk in Azure from Local Network

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How does one access the OS Disk on an Azure VM from a local network?  I can access the managed disk but need to access the OS Disk.  Case: I have a VM running a web server (IIS). I need to be able to access the files on that server to push changes made via a local editor to that server.   In our case, we use UltraEdit, but any editor should render the same situation.   Currently, with on premise resources, we simply connect to that resource (\\NETWORKSHARE).   Is VPN the only solution or is there a better option?    Note, we are a small business, and do not have the resources for ExpressRoute or anything other multi-$$$$ option.  Thanks. 



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Desired State Configuration could be an option.  You could set a file resource that copies form a source, such as an Azure File Share to the directory on the servers.  Updates to the file share would be propagated to the servers.