3 azure instances (VMs) that you need to provision in 3 diff availability zones under 1 region

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In azure cloud 3 instances like VM's, these 3 VM's should be deployed in 3 diff virtual networks and under 3 availability zones, so we achieve High Availability,in case one of the availability zone goes offline (down) my app still run through other availability zone, all 3 availability zones are under single region say East US so how will you write power shell for this or how will you automate this infrastructure provisioning on azure cloud?

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@Prasad_Raju in the New-AZVMConfig and New-AZVM PowerShell cmdlets there is a parameter -Zone for specifying the Availability Zone. So essentially you would have three lines of powershell similar to this:

$vmConfig = New-AzVMConfig -VMName myVM1 -VMSize Standard_DS1_v2 -Zone 1
$vmConfig = New-AzVMConfig -VMName myVM2 -VMSize Standard_DS1_v2 -Zone 2
$vmConfig = New-AzVMConfig -VMName myVM3 -VMSize Standard_DS1_v2 -Zone 3

There's some good documentation here: