WVD with on-prem session hosts

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It seems technically possible to add on-prem RDSH servers in a host pool.
This is then perfect to run resource-heavy applications on-prem and for example the lighter Office application in Azure VM's.

Just wondering if this is supported?

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@BramV All VMs that are registered to WVD HAVE to be on Azure. These are the terms that the customer accepts when they deploy WVD. You can beef up the VM size or have a better connection back to on-prem but you cannot run on-prem VMs as part of WVD.

@Pavithra Thiruvengadam - Is it supported now? I have a requirement of adding on-premise VM as session hosts to WVD host pool.

@nidhittn No, WVD does not support managing session hosts that are running outside of Azure cloud.

@rickman_MSFT is there a any solution from microsoft for supporting on prem services


earlier micrsoft had with RDS services with session host on prem

With new AVD solution is it possible to use host server on Azure Stack hub with S2S vpn connection with Azure?