WVD with Azure AD Domain Services Endpoint Manager

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I am using WVD in a cloud-only environment. The session hosts are connected to the Azure AD domain services. The Azure AD Domain Services acts as a DC in the domain.

Now I would like to manage my session hosts (Windows 10 multi user) with the Endpoint Manager. How can I get the Session Hosts into the Endpoint Manager?

One consideration is to create an extra server with AD Connect in the Azure AD DS domain. However, I don't find this way so nice.


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You can't since AADDS doesn't let you Sync Computer Objects to AzureAD. (It's one way from AzureAD to Windows Domain). AADDS is a limiting factor to all kinds of hybrid setups honestly.

The consideration you are making can't work either I believe. An AADDS domain is always a single forest on its own. You can't extend it via other Windows AD servers.
Thank you for your answer.

I was thinking of a member server with AD Connect in AADDS. Is this possible?
Hi Stefan,

That's what I meant with the second part of my response. That's not possible since you cannot add extra AD servers to an AADDS domain.
I don't understand. Why can't I install a member server with AD Connect?

I know that I cannot install another Domain Controller.
Sorry I misunderstood. In any case that won't work because you are not a domain/enterprise admin in the managed aadds domain. So you cannot provide credentials during that part of the AD connect installation.