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I have been looking into licensing bits of Windows Virtual Desktop solution that runs on Windows Server host pool. 
What is clear and without any doubt - every user needs RDS CAL with SA Rights (VL +SA / CSP subscription). Yet however when deploying host pool with Windows Server I notice the following: 


It has been automatically marked during deployment and I had no control over it. When inspected in ARM it corresponds to the following property: 

When looking into Resource Meter usage, it seems to be applying AHB for Server (!): 

To my best knowledge, Service Tier: "bs series windows" corresponds to Windows Server License PAYG. This is a normal VM that I deployed outside of Host Pool with Server PAYG license applied


This in turn is standard Host-Pool Windows Server VM, which meters as if it had actual AHB benefit applied(!) 

Following questions now: 

1) Is Windows Server license free for Windows Server Host Pools? (I so wish this was the case ;) )
2) If this turns out to be incorrect, all aware customers should set PAYG license model? 

Really hope for some clarifications


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@Aleksander Pawlak Correct, OS licensing costs do not apply to WVD session hosts. Most likely part of Microsoft's strategy to promote as-is RDS(H) migrations, when (re)building a Windows 10 Multi-session image is not appropriate. Although I would expect Windows_Server as license type, the end result should be the same (automated auding might one day deem it as strange though, I suppose). 


"You need an Azure account and subscription to quickly deploy and manage your virtualization environment. These are the Azure components that factor into the price of a Windows Virtual Desktop deployment.

  • Virtual machines and operating system (OS) storage
  • Data disk (personal desktop only)
  • User profile storage
  • Networking"


This is really nice, I wish it was stated somewhere specifically as it would save me a little headache and fear of being non-compliant and utilizing AHUB without having proper license in place