WVD Windows Desktop client - Multiple/Switch Accounts?

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Are there plans to allow easy switching between diffrent Azure AD accounts in the Windows desktop client?

At the moment, I have to unsubscribe and subscribe to switch accounts (unless I am missing something?).

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Yes - its crazy.. :) Did you ever find a solution for this issue?

@Christian_Pedersen @jmh_7 This is not supported yet but certainly something we want to bring in a future release. Are you needing this functionality primarily for testing as an admin or do end users have 2 accounts?

@David Belanger for me it is both.


We want to give "guest" users access to a hostpool in our tenant so that they can use a specific application. While actual guest users are not supported, this would be mean creating an account for them in our Azure AD to access the resource. Therefore there could be a case where they access hostpools in their own tenant, and in our tenant, therefore two different accounts needed. At the moment the easiest way I see for this is to set up different profiles in the browser (Edge/Chrome) and access via the web client, but open to suggestions.



@David Belanger I would like to promote this feature request. Is there an ETA to be shared?

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This now exists. You can now add multiple accounts to both the WVD client and the Windows Store RD client.

@jmh_7 Do you have the link or documentation for this?



This is not a doc for allowing or even accepting multiple accounts. Did you have more information on this. I am trying to do this as well? 

We would like to be able to subscribe to multiple accounts through the link, but it will not let you. 

If you put the link in a second time it will error and tell you that already subscribed to this workspace. 

It definitely works. I just tested it right now. Each time I press "Subscribe with URL", then enter it prompts for credentials. I can then enter any account that I want and it adds my workspaces for that account. Make sure you are using the latest desktop client, as it didn't use to work on the older clients. Otherwise I think Azure Support should be able to help.


Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 9.49.07 PM.png

 This is what I get when I have already added the first workspace. Let me know if I am doing something wrong , it is the latest as I just installed it on this computer. 


It looks like it does work on the Windows Client , but not on the Mac App. Sorry for the confusion. I just tested it on my Windows PC and I am able to do this as well. Thanks for your prompt reply and feedback.

@princejpc100 I know that probably it is useless to ask that question here, but are there any plans to improve the WVD client for Mac, so it will be possible to add multiple accounts (tenants) without deleting previously assigned ones? When you are supporting several tenants, it is pain to RDP to them with such extra moves.

@Andrei_Deliev I found a workaround, kinda.  Install the full RDT client from the App store, and then download the Beta version from


You can connect as 2 different accounts this way, one in the beta and one in the released version.  They store their configurations in separate areas, thankfully.  To go beyond 2 you'll have to wait for MS to add multi-tennant functionality to the OSX client, unfortunately.

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This now exists. You can now add multiple accounts to both the WVD client and the Windows Store RD client.

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