WVD Web Client File Upload/Download

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I am seeing  a file upload (preview) option when connecting to a new tenant today.
Looks interesting, and it works great.

Can I do the same the other way around, the HTML5 doc seems to suggest I should see a download folder in the VirtualDesktop redirected location on the host, but I only see upload.

I'm assuming this is simply not there at the moment, but can anyone confirm?

From the doc Get started with the web client | Microsoft Docs


Transfer files with the web client

To learn how to enable web client file transfer, check out Configure device redirections.

Follow these steps to transfer files from your local computer to the remote session:

  1. Connect to the remote session.
  2. Select the file upload icon in the web client menu.
  3. When prompted, select the files you want to upload using the local file explorer.
  4. Open the file explorer in your remote session. Your files will be uploaded to Remote Desktop Virtual Drive > Uploads.

To download files from the remote session to your local computer:

  1. Connect to the remote session.
  2. Open the file explorer in your remote session.
  3. Copy the files you want to download to Remote Desktop Virtual Drive > Downloads.
  4. Your files will be downloaded to your local default downloads folder.


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Hi, I am using classic WVD and i am able to upload files using file transfer preview option but unable to down load the files from VDI. can you please help me with possible causes and anything to enable backend in Azure portal? 


Got the same issue, doesn't download, but upload works using the preview feature !!!

@Work80  Same issue

I also thought this was not working but found out that it was probably an issue with my test files being 0 bytes. Copying 0 byte files to the downloads folder did not prompt. However, when i copied real files to the downloads folder, my browser did prompt to download all the files. I did find that you cannot edit/work on files in the downloads folder. You need so edit files in the documents, downloads, desktop, etc folder and then drag them to the downloads folder afterwards.
Hello, here the same problem. It seems that the 1e file which is copied to the download folder, stays in de download folder and isn't downloaded. All following files which are copied to download folder are downloaded as expect.

@swalra can you give some clarification around "the 1e file which is copied to the download folder, stays in de download folder and isn't downloaded."?  

What is the "1e" file?  

Are you still having an issue?

Also, this says stays in the download folder but isn't downloaded.  I'm not clear on what is happening here.  Can you give some more detail?


You logon to a AVD session. Copy a file to the download folder, this file stucks in the download folder. When you copy a second file to the download folder, this file is working well and downloaded to the local workstation. All other files after that are downloaded corrertly. But when you logon to a new session, the problem is back. The first file copied to the download folder stucks in the folder.
yes, if have the problem still.
We create a support call by MS. It's a bug. The MS software deployments is working on it.



have you ever received a solution for the problem?