WVD Web Client access settings

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I need to restrict access to Azure WVD using web browser and allow users to connect using "Windows desktop client for WVD" only

If it is currently impossible I would like to configure settings like on the on-premises Web-Client with PowerShell

Set-RDWebClientDeploymentSetting -Name "LaunchResourceInBrowser" $false

Restrict user to connect inside browser and force to download RDP connection file and open it with WVD Remote Desktop Client 

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We do not currently support downloading rdp file from the WVD web client but we are working on enabling this scenario. You can restrict access to the web client using Azure AD conditional access policies, so users cannot even login to the web client. Will this be a suitable interim solution?



Yes, thank you, this solution will solve our issue

@briantaintor , would you mind describing how you can accomplish it? Do you have to register the wvd web client URL as an application in AAD and block it?