WVD VM Pricing for Server 2019 OS

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My understanding is that WVD VMs are billed at the Linux pricing.


1. Do we need to do anything to be billed at the Linux rate?

2. Does this apply to Server 2019 OS?  Or only the Win 10 OS options?

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Hey Microsoft, any info on this question?

@clwendt Are you referring to using Windows Server 2019 in place of multi-session Windows 10 Enterprise? If so, I'm 99.9% sure you still pay for Windows Server 2019 license in the VMs usage charges and you'd additional need RDS CAL licenses with active Software Assurance (SA) for the users accessing it. 

@Justin Coffey  I know about the need for the RDS CALs for Server 2019 (which is a little disappointing).  


Do you know if there is anything in official docs for for the VM cost?  Can anyone at Microsoft chime in and point us to something official here?