WVD - Teams Camera stopped redirecting

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We have been chugging along for 4 to 5 months and Teams has been working adequately.  All of the Sudden all of our WVD environments the cameras stopped redirecting.


Nothing has changed.. 

-Hostpool RDP advanced settings still set:  audiocapturemode:i:1;camerastoredirect:s:*;devicestoredirect:s:*


-Privacy settings correct. (Well Teams does not show under Desktop Apps but not certain it ever did)

-For grins updated Teams and Windows updates


Could be a version of MS Remote Desktop that has been updated pretty regularly.?



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@mscott003 I am in the same boat as you.  Teams was working perfectly now for the 8 months we've been using it on WVD and all the sudden support desk tickets started one day.  A few days later nearly every user cannot use their webcam while on the WVD host using FSLogix for a non-persistent environment.  I have users that are using a persistent desktop in WVD who are experiencing the issue as well.  Very frustrating.  I've also checked all the same settings as you mentioned as well as the Microsoft.WindowsCamera appxpackage.


I hope someone has some answers because I'm in need of a fix, and fast!



I have opened a ticket with MS.  Getting the run around at this point.  Worked with the WVD engineer who was very helpful but determined everything is setup right.  Verified that the webcams is being redirected to the host as it works in the Camera app and in the Teams Web Online.


Reassigned the ticket to the Teams group who knows ZERO about WVD and wants to delete Teams cache... blah blah...


Explained that a new user can sign in with no profile and still have this issue.   50 users on 10 Session hosts do not all have corrupt profiles.


So frustrating

@mscott003  thank you very  much for sharing your progress with the support team.  I was going to open a ticket yesterday but didn't.  Sounds like it may not be much help but I've exhausted nearly every brain cell on ideas to fix this.  My frustrationsand struggles are nearly identical  to what you have described.

Are you on the Spring 2020 WVD workload or are you still running on Classic?  Our main WVD workload is on the classic experience; however, I created a host pool with a couple hosts in the Spring 2020 workload late yesterday and could replicate the issue every single time.  I'm getting extremely frustrated.

Just a thought I had this morning and will be working on today.....I've been testing on "fresh images" that were images I created and store in the Shared Image Gallery.  Perhaps there is something in my Golden Image that is not jiving well.  I've started to create a new Windows 10 Enterprise 2004 (non multi-session) build from the marketplace to create a persistent desktop and am going to test the Teams video there; I'm also creating a brand new Golden Image using the marketplace Windows 10 2004 multi-session + M365 Apps to test. 


I can let you know how that goes if you are interested. 

We are using the Spring 2020 Release


We have 3 Host Pools.  1 with 10 Session Hosts, and the other 2 only have 1 session host.  The problem magically started happening on all of them around December 3.


I am complying with all the ridiculous requests that the Teams Support has asked me to do but so far we have gotten no where.


I failed to mention, as a way "around" this issue that is impacting all of my users, I did end up quickly implementing the WVD Media Optimization for Teams.  Have you done this? 


It was no quick and easy task because we use FSlogix with Profiles and OfficeProfiles.  Teams somehow was installed in the users %APPDATA%\Local\Microsoft\Teams folder which is not the "machine wide" installation which is in program files.  I wrote a script to uninstall per user teams and clear the %APPDATA%\Local\Microsoft\Teams folder.  Installed the WebRTC plugin, downloaded a fresh Teams msi file and ran it with the ALLUSER=1 ALLUSERS=1 and users could then use their webcams.  Well, the majority of them.  I have a handful of users who had quicklinks and shortcuts pointing to their local appdata folder instead of program files.  


The bad part, and this made a lot of people very angry, the inability to use blurred or digital backgrounds in the Optimized mode.  Also screensharing limitations....overall though, I will say the video feed is significantly smoother with little or no delay. 


Can't have it all I tell ya.



I am absolutely flabbergasted.  I just created a brand new Golden Image with Windows 10 Enterprise 2004.  Created a new personal persistent WVD host pool, added a brand new host with the new image, Installed teams directly from Teams in the browser, launched Teams thinking "there's no way this isn't going to work."  Well, guess what...STILL NO VIDEO.  It sees my camera but it's black.


I'm getting very, very angry



We are using the machine wide install....  Per their request.  I  just uninstalled and installed it with those exact parameters and the same thing...


They then had me capture some logs I did not know about and sent it to them.  There was some info in there that looked odd for the Device listing on the camera.  I will keep you updated:


Thank you for sharing the data with us, I would request you to please share the following Diagnostics and Get Logs with me . Please Find the procedure of getting the logs below:

Please clear the cache before getting the logs.

To get Diagnostics logs:
• Please follow the below combination of keys to get diagnostic logs.
• Login to your teams effected account
• Reproduce the issue
• CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + 1
• multiple files will be downloaded
• Please zip them and share with us

To get Get Logs:
• Login into teams app
• reproduce the issue
• open the application tray at right bottom corner of the screen
• right click on teams
• click on get logs
• save the logs and share it with us




Thank you for the info...I just sent a bunch of requested information for the ticket I have open with Microsoft this morning.  I may grab those log files you mentioned proactively and review them and see what they say.  I'll be curious what Microsoft will say about your log files and if anything will come out of it.  I'll be anxiously awaiting.

Got it working.  here is what fixed it for us:


Add this registry key to the session Host:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\AddIns\WebRTC Redirector]
"WebRTC Redirector Enabled"=dword:00000001


Uninstall "Teams Machine-Wide Installer"  from the Control Panel


Download Teams from this link: 



Install with these parameters:

msiexec /i "Teams_windows_x64.msi" /l*v teams.log ALLUSER=1 ALLUSERS=1


Then start Teams and test.  For some reason I had to start and stop teams twice before it worked. 


Let me know if that helped!

@mscott003   I jumped the gun.  It worked on about a third of our hosts.  Then went back to the ones that were working and again they are not.



Anything new?  I'm doing the go around with Microsoft support right now....keeps trying to call me during my lunch break.

I’m guessing you got everything working? We are still having issues when nit running Trans in Media Optimization Mode. I still have a ticket open with Microsoft but won’t be able to continue working on this until the middle of the week.

We are also having this issue, was there any outcome from the MS ticket, were you able to get it working? @ITSensei @mscott003 


Unfortunately I am still going back and forth with Microsoft Support on this.  I do have an active ticket open still.  I'm not feeling very confident in the support I am receiving as I am not getting anywhere other than them repeatedly telling me my camera is disabled.  I have sent them screenshots of the Camera app working just fine and Teams is the only issue.  I'll play this game as long as I have to, to get a fix....but I have several users that are pretty upset that makes me thankful I am working from home! Lol

Just wanted to chime in - same boat as everyone else. Host pool with multiple VM's, Win10MultiSession 20H2, everything was working fine in Teams until the mid-end of December. Tried multiple fixes, camera will not work with Teams. Works fine in Camera app within Win10, also works just fine with Zoom - it appears this issue is isolated 100% to the Teams app.


I'm feeling for you right now!  "They" changed something and will not admit to it and only point their finger to the 'one liner' in the deployment documentation station video isn't support; however, it worked for almost 10 months for us....then one day it did not.  So frustrating beyond belief.  The biggest pain about this whole WVD deployment has been the Teams app....never thought I'd say that.


After a month long support ticket with Microsoft, supplying  them gobs of logs and data, this is the response I get:


I completely understand your concerns and that is why we highlighted you case to our Technical Advisors to see if there was anything that can be done to get this working. however as the article states, our Advisors also  reiterated the same that for WVD media optimizations will have to be enabled."


No need to express further how I feel about that!


What gets me, is that it works fine in Zoom - so should I push my users to an inferior, non-365 app in order for them to conduct business?  You'd think if Zoom worked fine that Teams would be fine as well... I've tried a few other apps that utilize the camera within our WVD instances and the ONLY one so far that doesn't work properly is Teams... that's just not right, they need to get this resolved sooner than later!


I know, it is very irritating.  I found something out late yesterday that is very intriguing.  Evidently, there is ONE of my users out there that still can use the camera in Teams with the virtual background and full functionality....indicating she is not using the Media Optimized mode like everyone else.  I have no idea why this user is the only one that works but I'm going to look into it hopefully today....maybe be able to provide some more details to uncover what's going on?  


Have you thought about trying to implement the Media Optimization mode in Teams to at least restore video functionality?  We must have video capability for our WVD so I was able to quickly implement the Media Optimization mode for teams.  The process to do so was straight forward and easy; however, it was the after affects that were extreme pain.  Evidently our Help Desk Tech had been reinstalling Teams for people when they had issues.  The Tech was not using the correct installation method nor the .msi file but rather the .exe you can download from their Office 365 profile.  I had some users that were using the Media Optimized mode and some that weren't.  I ended up having to use a powershell script at user login to remove the "per user" install of Teams.  Users were still having issues with Teams closing on it's own after a few minutes of use.  A couple nights ago I did an overnight deployment that actually worked.  Let me know if you have similar issues and I'll save you a ton of time with what the ultimate fix was for this!