WVD Spring - Preview ?

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Hi All


Is WVD Spring still in Preview? In Azure portal it has the tag PREVIEW next to it. A bit of a confusion as WVD went to GA in September 2019.


Any idea when WVD Spring (ARM based) is likely to go in GA?

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@limaecho It indeed still in public preview. It's expected sometime in Q3 or Q4 this year I believe (hopefully sooner rather than later!).  The version that went GA is the Fall release (without ARM).  


Keep an eye on here for announcements https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/roadmap?filters=Windows%20Virtual%20Desktop

@limaecho Hi, yup this announcement means that Spring is now fully GA and available for production use :) 



Thanks Neil - however portal still shows PREVIEW.


Also announcement said WVD Capabilities - a bit confusing!

@limaecho wierd, mine doesn't say preview anymore. Maybe it will take a bit of time to roll through. Try logging in and out of Azureand refreshing your browserWVD_PORTAL.PNG



Can you click on All Services > In the search type wvd (don't press enter) - you will see 4 options - are they showing as Preview?

@virtualmancHi Neil,

Can i use this WVD spring for pass wordless login i.e FIDO, PIN, Smart Card etc from the Remote Desktop Client  or RDweb console ?