WVD slow connection to local machine/C drive

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Hi, I am seeing very slow speeds when browsing and opening files/folders on my local C drive when connected to a windows virtual desktop. When in file explorer on the virtual desktop, it takes up to 20 seconds to display all folders in my C drive when I click on the local C drive from my own machine. I only have 24 folders in my C drive. This issue is manifesting in different forms also, in relation to an in-house application which can create excel files on the local C drive and write records to those files. This is extremely slow. Latency to the Azure region is definitely not the issue and internet connection speed is good. Increasing the VM size to DS8 V3 makes no difference. Has anyone experienced this issue or is there a network bandwidth limit or throughput setting that can be changed? It is making the app unusable at present. Thanks.

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Can anyone explain the network routing that takes place in relation to the load balancer setup in Windows Virtual Desktop? I suspect that the slow connection speeds are down to the specific WVD setup as we have plenty of "normal" Azure VMs (not in the WVD hostpool) where we don't see any slowness at all. Thanks in advance!

Could the slowness be attributed to the control-plane for WVD being located in east US 2 currently, whereas my resources are located in North Europe? I read somewhere that your performance using a host pool outside of the US might vary until the control plane is added to other regions...

Has anyone been able to look into this for me? @tadhgclifford240 

Did you find a solution for this? I’m Experiencing the same issues.

@Rg035 @tadhgclifford240


We had this issue and it turned out to be the mapped drives on the local PC slowly passing through to the WVD session and therefore slowing down the loading of the local drives on the WVD host.


You can disable this using drivestoredirect:s: switch on the hostpool via PS






Thanks, added the property and it did speed things up!

@Rg035 The connection/browsing speed between local PC and session host VM has increased considerably since WVD went into general release. I am assuming that the improvement is down to the control plane for WVD being created in my region (North Europe). During public preview, the control plane was in East US 2 and my session host VMs were in North Europe, which introduced latency.