WVD Remote Desktop App Client Problem

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We just successfully completed WVD setup on our customer's tenant. We don't have any problems to connect to WVD via HTML 5 clients. Some computers can also connect to WVD with Remote Desktop client app to.


However, most of our users cannot connect to WVD via Remote Desktop client app, although all of them can connect with HTML 5. The client version is latest (1.2.247). More interesting is on a domain joined computer, we were able to connect via WVD Remote Client app if we login to computer with a local user; however we couldn't connected if we login with a domain user. In both cases, we were using the same user credentials from RDS tenant.


In short, there is no problem with HTML 5 client; however, most of our clients can not connect with Remote client app and see the attached screen shot.


Any ideas?

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Hi @KemalM,

Can you please try to connect with our Windows Desktop Client?



Soo Kuan  


Hi @Soo Kuan Teo,

We are using that client already :) If you look at the version number that I have given in the post (1.2.247), you'll recognize ...



We are experiencing the same issue after wvd client updates. We have more then 200 thin clients!!!!!
OS Windows 10 enterprise 2016 ltsb Build 14393.2430.
We need assistance ASAP. You support didn’t provide any answer.

@ValentinaTarantina  New version of the client (1.2.431.19493) solved the problem. It was a WVD Remote Desktop client issue.