WVD Personal Persistent session

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Hi, we have deployed WVD in our tenant, the case here is that we have deployed WVD in personal pool session and we are evaluating the custom image that we have deployed. 


The problem that we are facing is that we are doing some changes in the VM, but when we disconnect the session and we tried to connect again to the VM, we are being redirected to a different VM, having different configuration and files in the VM.


THere is any PS in order to configure a persistence session for VM? or does it make more sense to have a pooled session with FSLogix integration?


Thanks in advance

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further investigation...


I have tried to set the hostpool to persistence to $true or $false ($false i by default), so I have to create the hostpool from scracth. Could be a valid solution? I will try and keep this post updated

Hi @Alberto Andrés Rodríguez,


Did you manage to solve the issue?

can you have a persistent session in a hostpool?


thank you