WVD - oops couldnt connect to hostpool

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HI getting the above error when trying to access the wvd hostpool via RDweb. 


Running RDSDiagnosticActivities gives me the following error output


Errorsource: RDStack

ErrorOperation : ConnectionEstablished

ErrorCode : 14

ErrorCodeSymbolic: UnexpectedNetworkDisconnect

ErrorMessage: Unexpected Network Disconnect




Setup 1 x Vnet , 2 x subnets - 1 DC in subnet 1 , 1 x Hostpool deployed in Subnet 2 

from WVDHost 's powershell we can ping the DC , DNS set to DC's IP 

WVD showing as joined to the domain - can ping the DC and connect to internet host from the WVD Host 

stumped - any ideas ? 

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@shanksy68 : Thanks for all of the information. Quick question:

   - Do you get the same error when running the Windows Desktop client?