WVD On/Off based on activity

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I am wondering if there is a way to configure WVD's to boot on access and shutdown on lack of activity.  We have already looking into the auto on/auto off feature, however, we have users in multiple countries, and they are not able to work during our traditional business hours.  


Does anyone know of a way to set the machines to boot on access, when a user goes to connect.  

Is there a way to turn off the machine after it has been inactive for a certain amount of time? 

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@Tommek Thanks for the reference.  Looks like this is automation for auto on and auto off.  We have already set this in our environment.  However, we are looking to take it one step further.


We are looking for a way to have the machine boot on access, and shut down after a certain amount of time after non use.  Example:  All machines auto off at 5pm, end of work day.  A user needs to access the machine after hours.  Can a cmd be sent to the machine to boot up when a user is trying to access while turned off.  And can the machine shut down after lack of use, say if the machine were to go to sleep, like a normal computer.  But after lack of use, the WVD just shuts off.

@Adam Black  Fantastic Question - exactly what I need too... Did you get any solution?