WVD Multi-session support for Endpoint Manager (Intune)

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Does anyone know the timeline for Multi-session support with Endpoint Manager. This link gives it as May 2021. Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365. Just wondering if anyone from MS can provide any further updates on this please?

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It is not clear what further updates you are expecting. can you be more specific?
Hi Eva. It’s whether or not the solution is on track to be released in May. Also If this will be in public preview first before GA?


It would be really helpful to get more information on this - we have been tracking the roadmap and noticed Endpoint Manager support for multi-session WVD is scheduled for May 2021. Is this still the case? We are trying to work out whether we need to spend a lot of time and effort revisiting legacy GPO settings to lock down WVD multi-session VMs, or whether we can make use of existing baselines and profiles in Endpoint Manager. You can probably guess our preference...

Hi Eva/Microsoft, Can you please respond to this? Do we have any tentative date as to if Intune will support the management of Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session? Coz as per the below article its not currently supported-

Further updates on this issue would be very much appreciated - we are approaching the beginning of June. I think it was scheduled to go into General Availability during May. There haven't been any further updates on the roadmap so I'm hopeful the timeline is still applicable. Thanks.

Hey all - Public Preview will be released by the end of May, so within the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

Since multi-session support in Intune is GA, perhaps Microsoft could make a reference page in the WVD docs about this? :)
I don't think it's going GA anytime soon. It has been released as a public preview, so no service level agreements in place and not recommended for production environments. We are using WVD multi-session for business continuity so we'll be testing it on that basis.
Does WVD supports AutoPilot Windows ?
No its not, check this https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/intune/fundamentals/windows-10-virtual-machines

Out of Box Experience (OOBE) enrollment isn't supported on VMs that can only be accessed by using RDP (such as VMs that are hosted on Azure). This restriction means:
Windows Autopilot and Commercial OOBE aren't supported.
Enrollment Status Page isn't supported.