WVD Multi Session host setup. LOB application that uses C:\ProgramData

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We are putting together a scalable multiple session host WVD solution for a client. I have no problem with most applications as they use appdata and that is taken care of by fslogix.


However the one LOB app that we are unsure about is Sage Accounts. This uses c:\ProgramData to store the company information/configuration. 


How do we make this work in a multi host environment? We are looking at using msix app attach but I think we are likely still to have the same issue at first glance program data doesnt look to be in the container. 


The issue I am expecting is if a user is load balanced to different hosts the application settings are not going to move with them. Has anyone else had experience with getting an app  that is reliant on ProgramData working working across multiple hosts. Is there a way to do it using fslogix or msix app attach?

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