WVD logging in issue

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I'm facing this problem while trying to login to my WVD for the first time. After clicking on ok I'm getting logged out of the system. Please help.

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Maybe is better if you can give us some other details. Fslogix or something else... Seems an error on the profile... Try anyway to connect with mstsc and see if you have the same error
I have one user that experiences this symptom about once a month. While I haven't isolated the cause, the fix is to reboot the host to unlock files in use for his profile in windows, then I rename the profile from UserProfile to XXUserProfile. That gets a quick resolution, but not helpful if it's a reoccurring problem.
I agree... This is not a solution. Maybe you can see something in the log or events


1. Get user SID, can run AD PowerShell (replace with affected user userprincipalname): get-aduser -filter {UserPrincipalName -eq ""} -Properties * | select objectSid

2. Check every Session host in the farm and go to: "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileService\References<sid affected user>"

3. Search for value RefCount and change all values to 00

So for example below is the current value:


Then you change it to:



The user will now be able to log in again.