WVD Hosts and Personal Enrollment

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Hi Folks,


We have a real estate of desktops natively joined to azure AD.  AutoPilot, MDM managed.  We also have windows virtual desktop pools with some legacy published apps, one of which requires outlook to send emails.  However i believe that running through the outlook profile is prompting the user to enroll the WVD host to intune and is then publishing applications to my WVD hosts and breaking the Shared Licensing for remote desktop because another version of office is being installed over the time.


I appreciate i can block personal enrollment, but is there a more graceful way to block this happening on my WVD hosts.


Its very annoying.





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@rpextech Hi Richard, have you seen this thread?

Images in the gallery already have this regkey enabled - please check if this is the case on your VMs too. 



@PieterWigleven Thanks very much Pieter


Will check it out now.