WVD Hibrid with host pool pointing to on-premises machine

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Lets say that i've granted all permitions on the Azure, created the WVD Tenant, the Host Poll and then generated the Token. 

Can I Use my on-prem Win 2012 R2 machine that is joined to a DC to join the Host Pool using the WVD Agent?



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@AndreReis: On premises machines can't be join to Windows Virtual Desktop but you can set-up a VPN or ExpressRoute from your tenant environment to on-prem.

@Eva Seydl Thanks, but it seems tha the only requisite is to install the WVD agent + bootloader on a machine that is domain joined. I Will tell you what i did. I've installed the agent + bootloader in a Win Server 2012, and the machine is displaying success if i run the command "Get-RdsSessionHost -TenantName $wvdTenant -HostPoolName $hostPool". But when i try to connect using the wvd client it gives me the following error on the image. 

@Eva Seydl Another question. Could a Citrix product solve my cenario? 

Glad someone tried this. Microsoft can you let us know if Hybrid is on the roadmap? The session host is the most expensive part of the WVD solution, allowing this to be on premise, like with Citrix Cloud - would be very attractive to our customer base. It would build flexibility into the product and allow the latest infrastructure to be leveraged and managed by Azure. If it's not on the roadmap, please make it so! :)