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We have been playing around with WVD for the last few weeks, and have been happy with equivalent to RDSH servers.

From what i understand, it should be possible to create a "golden image", that is used to spawn VM, which is stored on an ephemeral disk. 



But i cant seem to find any Microsoft articles on, how to deploy WVD with ephemeral disks natively in WVD - do i have to use Nerdio or some other 3. party tool for this?


PS: We are using FSLogix, and are aware that the VM state + all written data, is lost when the VM is shutdown / rebooted.


Thank in advance.

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@ksl28 Supporting ephemeral/non-persistent VMs is not supported. There are multiple challenges we have to overcome such as Azure AD registrations of the OS which we've found to be challenging. Please vote on our uservoice if you feel it's something we should prioritize.