WVD General Question

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  •  How WVD licensing works?
  • If the host pool is set to nonpersistent, but our GPO is set to maintain the session for a period of time (so if a user logs off and logs back in within a period of time, the user is routed back to the same instance and the user’s configurations appear to be saved), will a license count still be consumed while the user is disconnected?

  • how  does persistence work with this wvd solution? When a host pool is set to “nonpersistent”, does this mean the pool’s load balancer will not use sticky sessions, and users may not be routed back to the same instance in the pool during subsequent connections? Or is there more to it?

  • How we can enable access to Azure portal login from WVD hostPool? what are the process?
  • How to set up file redirection for feeds for Mac client ?


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