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I am planning for DR setup of WVD however I am not sure how could I replicate my user profile file share in a secondary location.


I only know that we can backup Fileshare however not sure how replication works or am I missing some catch here.


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Set your storage account to GRS however your hostpool would be trickier.
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Thanks for the reply.
Could you please elaborate about this <<however your hostpool would be trickier.>>
I would be thankful to you.
well you cant GRS your hostpool, so you would need to create an identical one thats in an off state, or you could use azure failover (backup)
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You can setup an additional fileshare in your DR region and modify the CCDLocations regkey for FSLogix to point to both locations. As soon as you enter those locations in that regkey the profiles will be copied. Additional you can setup sessions hosts in your DR location in the same hostpool.