WVD Desktop client behind proxy

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Hi, i'm trying to deploy WVD Desktop client in a corporate network.

in this network clients access the internet trough Web Proxy.

the WVD failed to subscribe.

when clicking the subscribe button en error message pops up: ""

any idea? 



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@Yogevd  Currently our app does not support proxies requiring authentication.  I am working on adding support.


A workaround in the meantime may be to add our urls ("rdweb.wvd.microsoft.com" and "rdweb.wvdselfhost.microsoft.com") to the proxy ignore list.

@FelixMann Any solution for this problem, or not yet ?

@JohnMankarios  Unfortunately this work has been put on hold.


Please request this feature on the feedback hub (use the feedback link from our app).  The more votes this feature gets the higher its priority.